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SSTEP Program

The SSTEP Programs -

Semiconductor Suppliers' Technology Entrepreneur Parks (SSTEP). Our programs serve as a springboard for companies aiming to take their next step. We specialize in helping foreign technology companies establish a presence in America. Currently, there is an especially high demand for agricultural and medical-related technologies.


Innovation Community

This project aims to establish an ecosystem that fosters technological growth, sparks innovative thinking and entrepreneurship, and develops the next generation of the workforce. Our goal is to cultivate a community that encourages interdisciplinary, intergenerational, and intercultural collaborations.

Located in the Central Valley area, our site will serve as a pilot for advanced building technology, developing new methods for constructing modular housing efficiently and sustainably, potentially reducing the carbon footprint during the building process. We are collaborating with multiple partners and leveraging various technologies to make this vision a reality. This community will also feature diverse technology incubators and common spaces intentionally designed to nurture innovation and technological collaboration.

Qualified Business
Agriculture Drone
Solar Panels on Trees
Examining Blood Sample

Qualified Company/Industry

SSTE has programs already set for the following industries ready to “Plug and Grow”

  1. Agruculture-related technologies, 

  2. Medical-related technologies, 

  3. Green related technologies, 

  4. Mobility related technologies, 

  5. Energy storage-related technologies, 

  6. Drone and robotic-related technologies, 

And more… please contact us
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