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SSTEP Program

The SSTEP Programs -

Semiconductor Suppliers' Technology Entrepreneur Parks (SSTEP) programs serve as a platform to place participants into appropriate programs with strong local support. In each region, SSTEP created an incubator ecosystem to enable seamless integration – a "Plug and Grow" approach. 

Regional Programs


Santa Paula/Ventura

This serves as the hub for our Bio/Med tech and green tech endeavors. Collaborating with local colleges, we're establishing an incubator to nurture the growth of promising future businesses.


Paso Robles/Central Coast

We're teaming up with City of Paso Robles and regional universities to pioneer a cutting-edge spaceport and Drone Cargo port. We're actively seeking out businesses to join and bolster this groundbreaking initiative.


Fresno/Central Valley

The Central Valley, renowned as California's agricultural epicenter, presents an ideal location for SSTEP to launch a commercialization accelerator focused on nurturing ag tech-related enterprises. By collaborating with local leaders and organizations, including community colleges and universities, we aim to propel your business to unprecedented success!

Qualified Business
Agriculture Drone
Solar Panels on Trees
Examining Blood Sample

Qualified Company/Industry

SSTE has programs already set for the following industries ready to “Plug and Grow”

  1. Drone and robotic-related technologies, 

  2. Sensors related technologies, 

  3. Bio/medical related technologies, 

  4. Green related technologies, 

  5. Mobility related technologies, 

  6. Energy storage-related technologies, 


And more… please contact us
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