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SSTEP Values




The SSTEP Program

  1. SSTEP Programs - SSTEP programs serve as a platform to place participants into appropriate programs with strong local support. In each region, SSTEP created an incubator ecosystem to enable seamless integration – a "Plug and Grow" approach.

  2. Locations - SSTEP currently showcases three distinctive project locations, Fresno/Central Valley, Paso Robles/St Luis Obispo, and Santa Paula/Ventura in California, with additional locations in the pipeline. Each location possesses unique industry advantages. Based on your specific industry and interests, SSTEP collaborates closely with you to pinpoint the optimal fit for your business.

  3. Incubator and Commercialization Accelerator - SSTEP has established an incubator and Commercialization Accelerator at each of our locations to foster the growth of your business. Within our facilities, we provide comprehensive resources, ranging from daily business administration support to facilitating the setup of clinical trials in collaboration with reputable universities. You can grow your business your way!

  4. Workforce - SSTEP is partnering with multiple Universities within the Cal State University system and local colleges to train your next-generation workforce. 

  5. Funding - SSTEP offers various funding opportunities to help you offset onshore costs, including workforce development and facility construction. We understand the potentially significant costs linked to onshoring in the United States, our objective is to mitigate financial burdens by providing accessible funding avenues.

  6. Business partnerships - By strategically integrating your business into diverse regions, you can explore opportunities for collaboration with various local enterprises, including farms, bio-tech companies, and other businesses you see fit.  

  7. Onshoring assistant - SSTEP also provides support for essential business tasks, including navigating permits, opening bank accounts, obtaining environmental approvals, and coordinating business development and marketing plans.

SSTEP Experinces

SSTEP experiences

  1. More than 30 combined years of experience in infrastructure development. 

  2. More than 30 years of experience in labor relations

  3. More than 20 years of grant writing experience 

  4. More than 30 years of Government relations experience

  5. Experiences in utilizing both private and public relations strategies to facilitate corporate expansion, concurrently fostering the creation of employment opportunities within diverse locations.

SSTEP Missions

SSTEP Mission

  1. Create - we create programs in various regions to boost global competitiveness based on the unique advantages of location while this program also serves as a platform for participants to grow. 

  2. Connect - we connect program participants with regional governments and institutions (such as universities and workforce developments) to enhance regional programs while growing participating businesses. 

  3. Enable - We enable participants to expand their businesses within the program by furnishing essential resources, including business strategy and comprehensive financial plans incorporating grants.

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