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SSTEP Values




The SSTEP Program

  1. Local Government and Community Engagement:

    • Connections and Support: SSTEP connects you with local, and regional key players such as government officials, community partners, education institutes, and nonprofit organizations to facilitate business growth and overcome potential roadblocks. Our extensive network offers significant leverage to help your business excel.

    • Grant and Subsidy Identification: SSTEP provides a grant specialist to identify potential funding opportunities including subsidies and grants at all levels including local, state, and federal levels. This support can offset costs related to onshoring, labor, and production.

  2. US Corporate Development:

    • Identify Potential Market and Field Studies: Based on comprehensive studies, SSTEP helps identify potential markets and conduct field studies to support informed business decisions.

    • Market Penetration Support: SSTEP assists in identifying and connecting with the right partners and networks to optimize your business growth in alignment with your company goals. This includes conducting market penetration studies and developing strategic plans.

  3. Workforce Development:

    • Resource Networks: SSTEP has a robust network of workforce resources from nearby universities, colleges, and career centers to support your hiring and development needs.

  4. Expansion Strategy 

    • Tech-Park Placement: When your company is ready to expand, SSTEP provides expertise in identifying ideal industrial park locations and markets for growth. We ensure your next steps are strategically planned for success.

SSTEP Experinces

SSTEP experiences

  1. More than 30 combined years of experience in infrastructure development. 

  2. More than 30 years of experience in labor relations

  3. More than 20 years of grant writing experience 

  4. More than 30 years of Government relations experience

  5. Experiences in utilizing both private and public relations strategies to facilitate corporate expansion, concurrently fostering the creation of employment opportunities within diverse locations.

SSTEP Missions

SSTEP Mission

  1. Create - we create programs in various regions to boost global competitiveness based on the unique advantages of location while this program also serves as a platform for participants to grow. 

  2. Connect - we connect program participants with regional governments and institutions (such as universities and workforce developments) to enhance regional programs while growing participating businesses. 

  3. Enable - We enable participants to expand their businesses within the program by furnishing essential resources, including business strategy and comprehensive financial plans incorporating grants.

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